Abdul & the Coffee Theory

from Indonesia

Abdul & The Coffee Theory


Born on April 18, 1983, Tengku Muhamad Abdulah Amin Ashari chose the name Abdul & The Coffee Theory as his identity, to pursue his career in the Indonesian music scene. His unique vocal character makes his easy listening jazzy pop music really enjoyable for everyone to hear.

Abdul does not only present easy listening jazzy pop music. His strong influence of folk music also appears on the song writing style, combined with intelligent and straightforward lyrics. Everyone who listens to his songs can easily signify themselves in the lyrics. In Indonesia, the catchphrase would be: “Gue banget!”

The band’s name “The Coffee Theory” was meant to describe Abdul’s close peers whom he used to hang out and have coffee together. The name represents the sense of intimacy in his music.

Nowadays, Abdul is also known for his work as a music producer, songwriter and also radio announcer at Mustang FM Jakarta. Some of his works have been recorded and performed by many Indonesia’s talented singers such as Andien, Nina Tamam, Sierra Soetedjo (Jazz Singer), and more.

Abdul & The Coffee Theory

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