Balawan Magic Fingers

from Indonesia

Balawan ‘Magic Fingers’


Balawan is an Indonesian Balinese guitar virtuoso known as `Magic Fingers` with his unique touching doubleneck guitar and traditional Balinese gamelan instruments, exploring the world of jazz fusion in a very colourful way. His music is fast, technically challenging, dynamic and definitely entertaining and fun to watch.

As Balawan is considered as the only Indonesian guitarist who is able to develop and use the “Touch Tapping” style, he often plays in Germany and Norway. In 2000, Balawan collaborated with many international guitarists at “East Meet West Gitarren Festival Edekoben Germany 2000 Tour”. He has toured in 20 cities in Germany back in 2001. In the same year, Balawan played at “Hell Blues Festival” in Norway in September. Then, in 2011 Balawan appeared at the ‘16th Other Minds Festival’ in San Francisco.

Balawan listened to Balinese gamelan since birth. At the age of eight he taught himself to play guitar. He joined his first band when he was 14 years old. Although he grew up in a Balinese traditional culture, Balawan played more rock songs rather than gamelan. Some of his favourite bands are Scorpions, Deep Purple and The Beatles.

Eventually he became bored with rock music and decided to study jazz at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney. During his Diploma of Music studies, he was awarded a three-year scholarship. He studied in Sydney for about five years, a time where he gained popularity for his exceptional talent of playing the guitar and jazz music. After he obtained his Diploma of Music, he went back to Bali in 1997 and formed a band called Batuan Ethnic Fusion, which combines the traditional Balinese gamelan music with jazz / fusion style.

Balawan Magic Fingers

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