Jeremy Monteiro and The Asian All-Stars Power Quartet feat Melissa Tham

from Singapore

Jeremy Monteiro & The Asian Jazz All-Stars Power Quartet Feat. Melissa Tham

(Singapore-Hong Kong-Philippines-Thailand)

When you put four of Asia’s top jazzmen on the same stage you can expect nothing less than an extraordinary power-packed performance. The Asian Jazz All-Stars Power Quartet is the coming together of Jeremy Monteiro, one of Asia’s most prolific jazz pianist and composer from Singapore; Eugene Pao, arguably Asia’s top jazz guitarist from Hong Kong; Tots Tolentino, one of Asia’s most virtuosic saxophonists from the Philippines; and Hong Chanutr Techatana-nan from Thailand, one of the most innovative and exciting drummers to emerge in the Asian jazz scene in recent years.

Eugene’s stratospheric guitar lines and power riffs; Jeremy’s synthesis of bluesy organ licks coupled with Ravel-esque harmonies; Tots’ kaleidoscopic sound shapes and melodic tapestries; plus Hong’s groovy swing juxtaposed with his innovative polyrhythmic embellishments will stimulate you intellectually and warm your hearts at the same time. They play an eclectic selection of old and new standards, well spiced with their own original compositions.

Melissa captivates her audiences with her large repertoire and impeccable delivery of songs from the American Songbook. Melissa released her debut jazz album on Jazznote Records entitled Falling in Love Again to critical acclaim in 2015. Jazz writer Ian Patterson of praised her for having “won over the Queen Elizabeth Hall” at her guest performance with the Jeremy Monteiro Trio at the EFG London Jazz Festival in 2014. Melissa was one of the special guest artists at Jeremy’s 40th Anniversary Concert held on 30 September 2016.

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