Lewis Pragasam & Asia Beat feat John Kaizan Neptune

from USA/Japan/Malaysia

Lewis Pragasam and Asia Beat Feat John Kaizan Neptune


Lewis Pragasam is the founder and moving spirit of the pioneering ASIABEAT project, whose recordings and performances are legendary in the merging of Asian and Western music styles. The project had its inception in 1979.

Lewis has garnered international and critical acclaim as one of Asiaʼs leading drum/percussion exponents and an innovator of new trends in World Music. Simply said, this man has single handedly put Malaysia on the world music map.

Lewis & Asia Beat then teamed up with John Kaizan Neptune who is widely acknowledged to be among the top masters of the shakuhachi, or Japanese bamboo flute. Well-known in Japan, this California native is also an accomplished jazz artist and composer who has gained respect in both the East and West for his versatile and technically sophisticated melting pot of sounds.

Lewis Pragasam

John Kaizan Neptune

Asia Beat

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