Sheila Majid

from Malaysia

Sheila Majid

(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Sheila Majid is a Malaysian female pop singer who is best known for her 1986 song, “Sinaran”. Her musical prowess especially in the genre of jazz music has led her to be dubbed as “Malaysia’s Queen of Jazz”.

As one of Malaysia’s foremost singing sensation, Sheila Majid has continued to hold her rank presence in regional music scene for the last 30 years with her trademark contemporary pop music interwoven with jazz and R&B flavours.

With the 1985 release of her debut album, entitled ‘Dimensi Baru’, Sheila Majid brought a new dimension to the local music industry; building a phenomenal following manifested by sold-out concerts in various cities. With ‘Emosi’ (Emotion) released a year later, Sheila Majid made a Malaysian invasion of a very proactive market – Indonesia. She went on to win the prestigious Indonesia BASF Award for Best Female Artiste in R&B category in 1987, never before done by a non-Indonesian. Her success in Indonesia was further entrenched by a 1988 nationwide tour which received an overwhelming response from Indonesia. Sheila spread her wings to Japan with the release of her 1988 multi-platinum selling album ‘Warna’.

Since then, she has performed in many cities around the world and has released several more award-winning albums including ‘Legenda’, ‘Ku Mohon’ and ‘Cinta Kita’. Her 2017 album entitled ‘Boneka’, is her first studio album after 13 years. Her music has broken all age and racial barriers and she has and always will be a household name in Malaysia.

Sheila Majid

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