Sri Hanuraga Trio feat Dira Sugandi

from Indonesia

Sri Hanuraga Trio feat Dira Sugandi


Sri Hanuraga Trio was formed in July 2015 when Sri was asked to play at The Freedoms Jazz Festival at The Ican Studio Live. The Trio members are bassist Kevin Yosua and drummer Elfa Zulham. During the concert they felt this ‘click’ and felt that they have to keep playing together. The gig at the festival marked the beginning of the band.

Around the same time singer Dira Sugandi and Sri was asked to represent Indonesia at the Museumseferfest Festival in Frankfurt, they were asked to perform Indonesian national and traditional songs in a fresh and more up-to-date manner. Together with drummer Elfa Zulham, Sri worked out some arrangements for some Indonesian traditional and national songs. The performance of these arrangements was received incredibly well by the public in Frankfurt.

Following the success of the performances in Frankfurt, Sri, Dira and Zulham decided to continue performing the same concept with Sri Hanuraga Trio. In June 2016 they recorded an album entitled “Sri Hanuraga Trio feat. Dira Sugandi – Indonesia volume I”

Sri Hanuraga Trio

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